North Cascades Audubon Society
PO Box 5805
Bellingham, WA 98227-5805

Would you like to be an officer in our chapter?

Our Chapter is always looking for good officers and board members. If you would like to volunteer for this challenging assignment, please contact a member of our nominating committee: Paul Woodcock, or Pam Borso (contact information below).

Current  Officers and Committees:


President: Steven Harper360-650-9065
Vice President: Jamie Huson 386-848-2391
Secretary: Deborah Kaye
Treasurer:Sue Parrott 360-650-9065

Board Members:

Education: Chris Brewer 336-207-7505
Field Trips: Paul Woodcock 360-966-6549
Hospitality: Anne Ziomkowski
Membership: Owen Bamford 360-393-3481
Publicity:Kirsten Anderson
Newsletter: Kelley Palmer-McGee 360-466-8601
Conservation: Robert Kaye
Programs: Steven Harper 360-650-9065
Scholarship: Nicole Huson 954-347-7411
Advisory Board:
Archives: Judy Krieger
Rae Edwards
Steve Irving
Volunteer Coordinator: Pam Borso 360-319-9004
Christmas Bird Count/ Birdathon/ IBA Coordinator: Paul Woodcock* 360-966-6549

Associated Persons:

Scholarship: Don Burgess