NCAS Scholarships

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Recent NCAS Scholarship Recipients:

2017: Chelsea Hutchinson, The role of quorum sensing signals in seastar wasting disease ($772). Natalie Coleman, Effect of ocean acidification on symbiotic algae in Anthopleura sea anemones. ($855). Madelyn Voelker, Diet specialization in Salish Sea harbor seals. ($564). Rachel Mallon, Snow algae communities in the Pacific Northwest.

2016: Trevor Bloom, continuation of 2015 project. ($400). Ryan Drake, Sagebrush lizard response to habitat degradation in shrub steppe. ($400). Zoe Zilz, Parasitism by the marine ciliate Orchitophyra in the seastar Pisaster ochraceus. ($400). Whatcom Museum, bird camp, ($500).

2015: Trevor Bloom, Biotic response to future warming of alpine plants in response to fire frequency and intensity. ($400). Whatcom Museum, 3 attendees to bird camp. ($150).

2014 : Andres Quesada, Shannon Buckham,  Katrina Nikolich,

2013: Paul Backus, Population Dynamics and Individual Dispersal in a Peripheral Metapopulation of Western Fence Lizards (Sceloporus occidentalis) in Northwest Washington, ($400). Jason Cornell, Quantitative Characterization of Element Mobility During Natural Granite Weathering at Lower Blum Lake in North Cascades National Park Service Complex, ($300).

2012: Julie Fix, Investigation of biochemical and community-level responses of lichens to air pollutants originating from trains in northwestern Washington. ($400); David Droppers, Climate Change Effect on Butterflies,($280); Matthew Warren, Landscape Effects on Connectivity and Genetic Diversity of Cougar (Puma Concolor) Populations in Washington, (320).

2011: Bobbie Buzzell, River otter diet and predation on threatened fish species in the San Juan Islands Archipelago, Washington ($358); Kelly Cates, The response of harbor seals to boat traffic under different levels of exposure ($390); Hanna Winter, Effect of vegetation type on the temperature response of nitrogen and carbon fluxes in subalpine soils in the North Cascades ($250).

2009: Matthew Fisher, The Impacts Of Timber Management On Biodiversity In Forests Of Northwestern Washington ($400).

2008: Sara Cendejas-Zarelli, Changes in haul-out patterns of Pacific Harbor seals in Bellingham Bay, WA. ($367.70), and Lauren Grant, Diet of river otters in the San Juan Island Archipelago, Washington ($300)

2007: Jessica Farrer, Seasonal variation in the abundance of harbor seals in Bellingham, Washington ($212.07) and Andy Nelson, Survey of Flora Species and Diversity on Mount Baker, Washington ($230)

2006: Carly Gelarden, Predicting Riparian Songbird Responses to Dam Removals on the Elwha River ($500)

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