Forest Practices

Forest Practice Applications and Permits for Surrounding Watersheds:

Forest Practice Permits are required for most forestry activities in the State (RCW 76.09.050) – whether they are conducted by private individuals or public entities such as the DNR. These activities may involve harvest of timber, road maintenance, aerial spraying, or conversion of forest land to non-forest use (conversion). While it is never the first permit issued, one indication of development activity is the application for a conversion Forest Practice Permit. Note that prior to the application for a conversion Forest Practice permit the applicant has generally already received at least a clearing and grading permit from the county. The issuance of a FPA does not mean the permitted activity has indeed occurred or is occurring – FPAs are generally valid for two years following approval, and some FPAs are never executed.¬†Note that FPA’s are evaluated based on existing Forest Practice Rules, and may not include the cumulative effects from forestry activities throughout the area. We attempt to show these cumulative effects in the summary information for each watershed region.

Forest Practice Applications are quite large files (2-15 mb) and would require an unreasonable amount of disk space on the server. If you have questions about a particular application contact the DNR (Northwest Division: 360-856-3500).

Sorry, we no longer track forest practice permits. If you or someone you know would like to look into this for us, please contact us.