Research Scholarships

North Cascades Audubon Society is looking to award a small number of grants, up to $500 each, to graduate and undergraduate students pursuing research in environmental science, conservation and other fields of study relating to North Cascades Audubon’s mission.

Application Requirements:

Abstract– ​ A brief written description of your proposed research containing basic, easy to understand information on your research objectives and methods. Please include an explanation of how your research will further the mission of the North Cascades Audubon’s mission statement (see below). Limit 200 words.
Proposal Narrative– ​Outline your proposal research grant in detail, covering methodology, hypothesis, future applicability and any relevant background information. This proposal with the abstract must be approximately 3 pages.
Budget-​ Please include an entire, detailed budget in addition to your proposal narrative.
Grant Amount Request: Up to $500. Please highlight within your budget what you would like this scholarship to cover. Durable materials purchased with this grant must stay with the university upon research completion.
Required Report​: NCAS board requests a report on conclusion of research project.


To apply please submit your research proposal and abstract along with your financial request and projected budget to:

Don Burgess, Secondary/ Science Education, Western Washington University,
(360) 650-2482,

Recent NCAS Scholarship Recipients:

2017: Chelsea Hutchinson, The role of quorum sensing signals in seastar wasting disease ($772). Natalie Coleman, Effect of ocean acidification on symbiotic algae in Anthopleura sea anemones. ($855). Madelyn Voelker, Diet specialization in Salish Sea harbor seals. ($564). Rachel Mallon, Snow algae communities in the Pacific Northwest.

2016: Trevor Bloom, continuation of 2015 project. ($400). Ryan Drake, Sagebrush lizard response to habitat degradation in shrub steppe. ($400). Zoe Zilz, Parasitism by the marine ciliate Orchitophyra in the seastar Pisaster ochraceus. ($400). Whatcom Museum, bird camp, ($500).

2015: Trevor Bloom, Biotic response to future warming of alpine plants in response to fire frequency and intensity. ($400). Whatcom Museum, 3 attendees to bird camp. ($150).

2014 : Andres Quesada, Shannon Buckham,  Katrina Nikolich,

2013: Paul Backus, Population Dynamics and Individual Dispersal in a Peripheral Metapopulation of Western Fence Lizards (Sceloporus occidentalis) in Northwest Washington, ($400). Jason Cornell, Quantitative Characterization of Element Mobility During Natural Granite Weathering at Lower Blum Lake in North Cascades National Park Service Complex, ($300).

2012: Julie Fix, Investigation of biochemical and community-level responses of lichens to air pollutants originating from trains in northwestern Washington. ($400); David Droppers, Climate Change Effect on Butterflies,($280); Matthew Warren, Landscape Effects on Connectivity and Genetic Diversity of Cougar (Puma Concolor) Populations in Washington, (320).

2011: Bobbie Buzzell, River otter diet and predation on threatened fish species in the San Juan Islands Archipelago, Washington ($358); Kelly Cates, The response of harbor seals to boat traffic under different levels of exposure ($390); Hanna Winter, Effect of vegetation type on the temperature response of nitrogen and carbon fluxes in subalpine soils in the North Cascades ($250).

2009: Matthew Fisher, The Impacts Of Timber Management On Biodiversity In Forests Of Northwestern Washington ($400).

2008: Sara Cendejas-Zarelli, Changes in haul-out patterns of Pacific Harbor seals in Bellingham Bay, WA. ($367.70), and Lauren Grant, Diet of river otters in the San Juan Island Archipelago, Washington ($300)

2007: Jessica Farrer, Seasonal variation in the abundance of harbor seals in Bellingham, Washington ($212.07) and Andy Nelson, Survey of Flora Species and Diversity on Mount Baker, Washington ($230)

2006: Carly Gelarden, Predicting Riparian Songbird Responses to Dam Removals on the Elwha River ($500)

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