November Board Minutes

North Cascades Audubon Society

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

WECU Ed Center on Holly

November 7, 2016

7:00 PM


Board Members Present: Carol Roberts, Pam Borso, Kelley Palmer-McGee, Steve Irving, Judy Krieger, Ken Salzman, Owen Bamford, Rae Edwards, Steven Harper, Sue Parrott, Jamie Huson, Nicole Huson


Guest: Jamie Donaldson presented a request for a letter of support from NCAS in favor of preventing loss of mature trees in the City of Bellingham.


  1. Additions to Agenda


  1. Approval of October Minutes- Approved


  1. Treasurer’s Report- Sue explained some corrections of errors in the report that she found in the reporting and has corrected. She talked about the money that has been donated and whether we should put a thank you in the January newsletter. Owen will contact donors and get their approval. Board agreed to discuss at the annual retreat the issue of asking for estate contributions and what we do with any money bequeathed.


  1. Communications & Input

Climate Change Group and I-732 – Sue told us that the group will have a booth at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market starting in April and staffed by members of the group or other people in Audubon, assuming there are enough people to staff the booth.  Cost is $20 per day. 

Facebook interface – The Facebook interface is being updated and will eventually be working correctly.  Currently a work around is available so that Jamie and Twink can add events to the Facebook Page.

CBC update – Board suggested that there be an article in the January newsletter recounting the history of the 50 years of CBC in Bellingham.

Cherry Point Bird Surveys – NCAS board believe the surveys should be continued for continuity purposes and for the sake of citizen science.  Pam and Lyle are planning on doing a workshop instead of training this year as well as training additional people that have already passed the test.

ACOW – Pam reported that ACOW was a very good conference this year with lots of DNR and BLM people presenting.  Pam and Paul also had a great experience at the banding site above Lake Chelan.


  1. Old Business

Garlick Memorial Award Report and Swan Update – We have raised the money needed. The State permit is in hand and the Federal permit is being worked on and when in hand we will move ahead.

            Holiday Potluck update – Carol and Nicole are working on the Potluck and requested that people save cedar boughs if they have them available.

Whatcom Land Trust Collaboration – Pam reported that she will be signing the document in the coming week.

AV Technical Support- Steven and Jamie will meet at the Museum and work out the parameters for presentations on various computers to communicate to the presenters. They will also determine the cords necessary for various computer connections.



  1. New Business

NCAS will send a letter in support of saving mature trees in the City of Bellingham.

Birding on Lummi Property – It is possible to receive a yearly permit from the planning office at tribal headquarters good for up to 3 persons.


  1. Upcoming Programs


November 22: Jim Watson – Raptors of Western Washington

December 12: Holiday Potluck – Doug Brown Slides

Jan 24: Belinda Rotton and Richard Kessler – Birding on the Skagit and Whatcom Wildlife Refuges

Feb 28: Steve and Martha Ellis – Loons of the Salish Sea

March 28: Matt Christensen and Sarah Brookes – Friends of Semiahmoo Bay Society: Stewardship North of the 49th Parallel

April 25: Jonathan White – Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean

May 23:



Next Meeting: December 5, 2016 7 PM WECU Ed Ctr., 311 Holly St, Bellingham, WA                                                            

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