Rare Bird Alert

Information about the Rare Bird Alert

The NCAS Rare Bird Alert is intended to inform birders of rare birds that have been sighted in Whatcom County, Southern British Columbia (Vancouver Area, south to the border) and Northern Skagit County, and provide them with information that will assist them in seeing the bird. NCAS is now using eBird, a national database of the Cornell University Ornithology Lab, in cooperation with the National Audubon Society, to report rare bird sightings and general observations of birders around North America. If you are not familiar with this resource, you can get more information by going to ebird.org. From the eBird site you can submit observations and explore data (find out what rare birds have been seen in our area as well as sign up to receive email to inform you of what has been seen). If you are not already signed up with eBird, clicking on “submit observations” on the eBird home page will walk you through setting up an account. By sending your observation to eBird you will not only be informing other birders about rare birds you have seen, you will also be assisting the Cornell University Ornithology Lab and National Audubon Society in gathering data on bird populations and distribution in our area.