2019 Christmas Bird Count

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Bellingham Area Map

There are 25 designated areas for the CBC. Click on an area to see the aerial view and the street map. In the pop-up window, click on either image to enlarge it. All maps and images can be viewed as PDF's for higher resolution and printing - see below the map for links.

Click on any link below to view as PDF (higher resolution, better able to zoom in):

Full area map: 1411_NCAS_8x11_Overview (PDF)

Street Maps (PDF):

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_01, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_01

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_02, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_02

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_03, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_03

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_04, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_04

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_05, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_05

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_06, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_06

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_07, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_07

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_08, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_08

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_09, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_09

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_10, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_10

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_11, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_11

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_12, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_12


1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_13, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_13

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_14, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_14

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_15, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_15

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_16, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_16

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_17, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_17

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_18, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_18

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_19, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_19

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_20, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_20

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_21 , 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_21

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_22, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_22

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_23, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_23

1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_24, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_24


1411_NCAS_AirPhoto_25, 1411_NCAS_StreetMap_25

Satellite Maps (PDF):

Area 1

Area 2

Area 3

Area 4

Area 5

Area 6

Area 7

Area 8

Area 9

Area 10

Area 11

Area 12

Area 13

Area 14

Area 15

Area 16

Area 17

Area 18

Area 19

Area 20

Area 21

Area 22

Area 23

Area 24

Area 25