Native Plants & Birds

Create a haven for wildlife in your yard

Research has shown native plants are the best for our local and migratory birds. Further, Audubon’s 2014 report on Climate Change identified habitat loss from changing temperatures at the #1 threat to birds in North America. You can make a difference! Create a haven for birds in your yard using the resources provided here. We have a Powerpoint presentation with additional information about why native plants benefit birds. We also have PDF files on Native Shrubs, Trees, and Perennial/Ground Cover that are tailored for the Whatcom/Skagit region.

Birds and Native shrubs

Birds and Native Trees

Birds and Native Plants perennials and ground covers

The City of Bellingham has great information on planning a wildlife friendly garden or landscape as well as specific information on attracting birds.

The National Audubon link provides you with an interactive page where you can put in your zip code and it will generate the best Native Plants for your area. There are also local nurseries and other resources listed. Online resources Audubon Plants for Birds: