Field Trips

Bird watching can be much more than just an enjoyable social activity. It is the challenge of locating, identifying and listing species as well as the thrill of experiencing the incredible beauty of these striking creatures. Most people who learn to appreciate birds want to learn more and become familiar with them, their habits and their way of life. With knowledge and familiarity there comes connectedness and caring; we want to know that these precious beings will always be with us, enriching our lives and those of generations to come. Check the calendar of Events on the right for the currently scheduled Field Trips.

Through the contributions of birders like ourselves doing feeder counts, Christmas bird counts and breeding bird surveys, alarming trends are being discovered. Populations of many of our familiar species such as Rufous Hummingbirds, Northern Pintails, American Bitterns, Marbled Murrelets and Western Meadowlarks are diminishing greatly. So come on out in the field with us and become familiar with our fellow creatures. Bring your friends and family and experience what we need to preserve for future generations. Help spread the word. It is the aim of NCAS to provide a variety of field experiences that will appeal to people of all interests and abilities. We want your participation and we need your support in the form of ideas and volunteer assistance to help make this happen. Please contact Ken Salzman, with your feedback, ideas, or to volunteer as a field trip leader. More good leaders will mean more great trips and more people learning about, appreciating, and caring for our natural environment.

Please Note:  Some trips are led by North Cascades Audubon Society guides and are co-sponsored by Whatcom County Parks and Recreation.

NCAS Field Trip Guidelines

North Cascades Audubon field trips are open to chapter members and non-members alike and are free of charge. We limit the number of participants for most of our trips in order to reduce environmental impact and to assure a quality experience. Therefore, advance registration is usually required. Participants should bring warm clothes, rain gear (even if the sun is out), a snack or lunch (including beverage) and wear comfortable shoes for walking short distances. Field guides and binoculars are recommended. All trips require registration with trip leader(s). For trips to Canada, participants must have a passport or enhanced drivers license (EDL) for border crossings. Note that trips subject to cancellation if unforeseen circumstances arise - contact the trip leader if you have questions.

Plan on joining us for a fun, educational adventure!