Reporting Hotlines

To Report a sick, dead or injured Swan please call WDFW at 360-266-4345 ext. 266.

To report a suspected case of Avian Flu please call Amber Itle at 360-902-1878.

To help an injured bird call Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (360) 966-8845 Monday-Friday 9-5.

To help injured Raptors contact Sardis Raptor Center (360) 366-3863.


eBird is the most widely used site for news and information about birding worldwide. Open an account to post your sightings. Use the maps, or just find out what is going on in the birding world.

Birding for kids

Young Birder Backyard Guide   Links to birding apps, including iBird and online identification keys.      A useful review of birding apps for the smartphone.      The home page for all the Cornell Lab of Ornithology resources. Includes information on birding, bird natural history, nest boxes, identification, sounds, videos,  etc, etc.

Local Organizations Contact numbers for rescue and rehabilitation for birds and mammals in and around Whatcom County. Also has information on habitat conservation, and deterring wildlife from becoming a nuisance around your house. Conservation and research into habitat protection   Information on the DNR natural areas program in WA.    A raptor sanctuary, rehabilitation and educational center in Ferndale. Monroe Vaux’s swift watch, information and updates on the swifts migration Whatcom Watch

Webcams       Links to nestcams all over the world!     Bird cams operated by Cornell Lab of Ornithology