Protect the Great Blue Heron Colony - Contact Bellingham City Council Members

Huge Victory toward Creation of the Post Point Great Blue Heron Reserve

By Jamie K. Donaldson • On Jul 27, 2019 • In Bellingham, Waterfront, Environment

Thursday, Brooks Anderson, president of Fairhaven Neighbors, and I met with Mayor Kelli Linville in her office at City Hall. In that meeting, the mayor indicated that the City of Bellingham will acquire, through purchase, the large undeveloped plat on Shorewood Drive to give permanent protection to the Great Blue Heron colony at Post Point. Readers will recall that this plat was slated for development of the “Heronwood Cluster” of two homes next to the birds’ nesting trees. We mobilized to thwart the Critical Areas Permit awarded to the developer for this project. This opens the way for the City of Bellingham to acquire the land from the current owner to create the Post Point Great Blue Heron Reserve.

We can thank the mayor for taking action to permanently protect the herons, and we will hold her to her commitment to do so. Our attention now turns to City Council. Contact your council member NOW and urge her/him to bring forward action on the land acquisition in order to create the Post Point Great Blue Heron Reserve.

Please send an email that will reach all members: or for individual members contact them here. For more information check out