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General Membership Meeting with Gary Slater

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Reintroduction of the Western Bluebird to the Pacific Northwest. The western bluebird (Sialia mexicana) was a common inhabitant in oak-prairie and other open habitats in western Washington and southwestern British Columbia until the early-1900’s when habitat loss and fragmen- tation and competition for nest cavities from exotic species triggered a wave of extirpations across the region. Since 2007, Ecostudies Institute and other conservation partners have been working to restore a regional popu- lation through reintroduction. Join us as Gary Slater of Ecostudies talks about the first successful reintroduction of a migratory passerine species, the progress and setbacks to this conservation program, and the important role that private landowners play in the recovery of this iconic species.
Gary Slater is the founder of Ecostudies Institute (www.ecoinst.org). He received a B.S. in Wildlife Science from Purdue University (1989) and a M.S. in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Florida (1997). His current research focuses on the reintroduction ecology of passerines and shorebird monitoring and ecology in Puget Sound.

Always on the 4th Tuesday of the month:February 24th, 7pm at the Whatcom Museum,** free & open to the public!

**in the Rotunda Room of the Old City Hall building