January Newsletter and Events Are Now Online

Happy New Year. January Newsletter and Events Are Now Online!

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Join us for our next NCAS membership meeting with Maria Mudd Ruth.

On the Front Line for Marbled Murrelets. What happens when you encounter a strange new bird? If that bird is the enigmatic marbled murrelet, you might take note. If you are writer Maria Mudd Ruth, you start taking notes and then suddenly find yourself on a years-long journey in the Pacific Northwest to unravel the story of this endangered seabird and the contested old-growth forests where it nests. You ask a lot of questions of murrelet researchers, field biologists, forest ecologists, timber company executives, and yourself: Why does this bird matter? Why should anyone care about the murrelet? Do we have a moral obligation to save this bird or any other endangered species? Can we all move to the front line to protect earth’s beauty and biodiversity? In this slide-illustrated talk, Maria will discuss the natural history of the murrelet, current conservation efforts in Washington, and the important murrelet advocacy work of the Audubon community in the Pacific Northwest.Maria Mudd Ruth is the author of more than a dozen books on natural history topics for children and adults. In addition to her latest book, A Sideways Look at Clouds(Mountaineers Books, 2017), which won a Nautilus Award in 2018, she is the author of the critically acclaimed Rare Bird: Pursuing the Mystery of the Marbled Murrelet(Mountaineers Books reissue, 2013). From her home in Olympia, Maria works as a dedicated environmental advocate, citizen scientist, urban parks booster, volunteer reading buddy, and writer.Always on the fourth Tuesday of the month:January 22, 7pmin the Whatcom Museum, Rotunda Room