May Newsletter and Events Are Online

May 2018 Newsletter is Online

     Go to www.northcascadesaudubon.orgto download the PDF. (Click "Newsletter" in the menu.)

The next newsletter issue will be September, 2018.

May Events and Field Trips Are Online

    Visit our website to see what's coming up this month. Check back for summer events.

Mark your calendar: 2018 Annual NCAS Campout at Pearrygin Lake State Park, from May 31 through June 3. Please see newsletter and calendar for reservation details.

General Membership Meeting with Connie Sidles

     This month's exciting membership meeting! 

Avian Evolution: How Birds Got to Be Birds. Master birder and author Connie Sidles takes you back in time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and nature began to experiment with a new approach to flight- birds. Exciting new fossils of extraordinary detail are being found in northeast China, dating back to the time when dinosaurs began to evolve into birds. Both strange and wondrous, these creatures - and others being discovered all over the world - open our eyes to the ways that evolution has shaped the biome and the birds that we enjoy today.Constance Sidles is a former member of Seattle Audubon’s board, and current chair of Seattle Audubon’s Conservation Committee. She acquired her degree in Egyptology from the University of Chicago, where she also studied paleontology. Connie has written four books about nature and has published more than 500 articles on various topics. Recently she and her husband organized a “Jurassic Park” film fest at their house, where she was thrilled to see flying pterodactyls but disappointed there were no proto-birds in these documentaries. All kidding aside, the real fossils being unearthed now are truly exciting and wondrous. Come and share them with Connie.

Always on the 4th Tuesday of the month:May 22nd, 7pm at the Whatcom Museum,** free & open to the public!


2018 Officer Nominating Committee

The nominating committee has compiled the following list of members running for positions for the coming year:President- Steven HarperVice President- Jamie HusonSecretary- Pam BorsoTreasurer- Sue ParrottBe sure to attend the May membership meeting to vote for the next NCAS Officers.You may vote for a write-in entry if you have someone else in mind for a position.