NCAS Annual Camp Out Pearrygin Lake State Park

Join us for a fun time at Pearrygin Lake State Park May 31-June 3, 2018.  Pearrygin Lake Campoutand Field TripsThursday afternoon – Sunday morning, May 31-June 3, 2018Our eleventh annual NCAS Campout will be held at PearryginLake State Park group camp with great people, greatweather and of course great birding. There is lots of roomfor people with tents. Vans or pickup toppers are allowedin the parking area. RVs and trailers are not allowed. Picnictables and grates are available for cooking (bring yourown food) and water and a toilet are on site. A swimmingarea is also on site to enjoy after a warm day of birding.Showers and full service bathrooms can be accessed 1½miles away in the main campground. Anyone not enamoredwith or unable to stay in the group camp site canmake reservations in the main campground or stay at amotel in the Winthrop area.Of course the primary focus of the campout is birds.Field trips, led by leaders familiar with the area, will bescheduled for Saturday and Sunday. Campers are free toroam on their own on Thursday and Friday. There will beplenty of time for lounging and enjoying the sunny andclear weather and for visiting. In past years a number ofpeople have brought their musical instruments and wehave had a sing-along each evening. Cost is $10/night for each party.Reservations are required. If you want to make areservation or if you have any questions pleaseemail or call Steven Harper and 360-650-9065.