April 2016 Board Minutes

North Cascades Audubon SocietyBoard of Directors Meeting MinutesApril 4, 2016Present: Ken Salzman, Carol Roberts, Paul Woodcock, Pam Borso, Steven Harper, Sue Parrott, Rae Edwards, Twink Coffman, Jamie Huson, and Nicole HusonNot Present: Kelley Palmer-McGee, Judy Krieger

  1. Approval of April’s minutes: Approved by Board
  2. Treasurer’s Report: Sue reported that $425 has been raised so far for the Garlick Memorial. She is sending thank you notes from Audubon to people who have contributed money to the memorial.
  3. Communications & Input
    1. Climate Change Work Group Report
      1. Sue had Kelley send out a special email to the NCAS email list in an attempt to recruit more members for the work group.  Four new members came as a result of this email.
      2. Education and Outreach was discovered to be the group’s main passion
      3. Group discussed creating bird friendly habitat in the wild and in backyards
      4. Acquisition and management of land was also discusses some
    2. Land Trust Newsletter: Article about Bird surveys and Christmas Bird Count. North Cascades Audubon was mentioned several times in the article. A copy will be kept in the archives.
  4. Old Business
    1. Garlick Memorial:
      1. Notes and donations have been mailed in
      2. Put progress report in May newsletter to update chapter and encourage donations
      3. Still looking for a reputable taxidermist for swans
    2. Scholarships:
      1. Sent out to department heads at Western
    3. Syre Center:
      1. Event- Backyard Birds has been canceled at the Syre Center due to lack of sign up. The event was scheduled for Saturday, April 9th.
      2. Syre Center will be open Thur-Sun between May 19 and June 4, 2016.
  5. New Business
    1. Officers for 2017:
      1. Will be announced in the newsletter
      2. Carol and Ken are the nominating committee
    2. The board Voted to approve Pam for 4th year as president
    3. The board Voted to approve Paul for 4th year as vice president
    4. The board Voted to appoint Nicole Huson as Chair of the Scholarship Committee
    5. The board Voted to appoint Jamie Huson as Board Member at Large
  6. Upcoming Events
    1. Northwest 1 Regional Meeting:
      1. April 30th at Padilla Bay, 9am-2pm
      2. Open to all members
    2. Whatcom Land Trust- Walk at Stimpson Nature Preserve:
      1. Naturalist needed, Contact Dennis Conner
      2. Sunday, May 8th 2016 at 12:30- 3pm

Adjourn – Next Meeting; May 2, 2016  7 PM WECU Ed Ctr311 Holly St, Bellingham, WA