August Board Minutes

Summary of NCAS Board Meeting:  August 6, 2018 The Board met at the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship from 7 to 9 pm on August 6 and took the following actions and/or discussed the following issues: 

  • Sue confirmed that, as previously approved by the Board, $40,000 of our reserves was converted into two 2-year Certificates of Deposit at WECU with a 2.75% rate of return. The Board voted to approve converting an additional $10,000 of reserves to a 1-year Certificate of Deposit with a 1.75% rate of return.
  • This year’s Audubon Council of Washington annual meeting will take place on October 13 at the Brightwater Center in Woodinville. The agenda includes a 5 Minute Success Story during which Robert will speak about the recent ORV proposal by the Department of Natural Resources and Pam will speak about our Native Plants for Birds presentations.
  • The Education Committee is continuing their work on the Endangered Species Artist Project and is working with various artists and other interested parties to promote the project.
  • Eagle presentations are scheduled at local libraries. Volunteers are needed to staff an Audubon table at these events.
  • The Board voted to support the petition being circulated by local citizens continuing the current prohibition of ORV use on forested lands in Whatcom County. The Board agreed to make an active effort to engage our membership in supporting the petition once the County publishes the report paid for by the ORV group (expected sometime in 2019).
  • The restructured DNR Recreation Plan allowing for only non-motorized use on DNR forested lands in Whatcom County has been released and is closer to being adopted.
  • The Conservation Committee is continuing to develop a strategy to inspire homeowners and other stakeholders in the Semiahmoo IBA to protect and provide stewardship for this important habitat.
  • The Seattle Audubon Chapter is moving forward with a proposal to expand their Puget Sound Seabird Surveys northward from Deception Pass to Blaine. A training session for volunteers on both the survey protocol and oil spill response will take place on September 20 from 5:30-7:30 pm at Birch Bay State Park.
  • Steven will put together a summary of the Harrison Reserve project and a proposal for a fundraising goal for the Board to consider.
  • It is planned that our new website will go live before the first membership meeting in September.
  • The Board voted to approve May 30-June 2 for the 2019 NCAS campout at Pearrygin Lake State Park.
  • The Board voted to introduce a short bird of the month segment (i.e., photo, song/call, preferred habitat, unique behavior, etc.) at the start of each membership meeting, beginning in September. Initially birds will be chosen from the list of the 26 birds selected for the Endangered Species Artists Project.
  • The Board discussed the possibility of offering two new classes to the public: Introduction to Birding and Beginning Birding.  The Education Committee will follow up with Paul and Pam.
  • The idea of establishing a backyard bird habitat certification program (similar to the current program run by the Audubon Society of Portland and the Columbia Land Trust) was introduced. The Board discussed several potential aspects of such a program. The Education Committee will follow up.