Board Meeting Minutes: February 2017

North Cascades Audubon SocietyBoard of Directors Meeting AgendaRE Sources LibraryFebruary 13, 2017, 7:00 PMBoard Members Present: Ken Salzman, Rae Edwards, Steven Harper, Sue Parrott, Jamie Huson, Nicole Huson, Twink Coffman, Chris Brewer1. Additions to Agenda – Additions added below2. Approval of January Minutes - Approved3. Treasurer’s Report – Sue went over the Treasurer’s Report and the budget.  Everyone was ok with both.4.  Communications & Input      CBC update newsletter article – Hopefully, there will be an article in the April newsletter. Pam will follow up.      WOW update – Ken and Chris gave updates. Paul will be getting people to sign up for the viewing stations.  Pam will be in charge of the table and logistics surrounding that at the WOW.      Mature trees letter to city update – Rae suggested that a positive approach with suggestions be included as well as criticism regarding trees coming down in Fairhaven in any letter that will be written. Rae will continue to work on the letter.  It will be reviewed by the board and then approved at the next board meeting.      Museum update: no information yet on when the bird exhibits will be open.  Pam should follow up.      WOS meeting update – Sept. 21-25 at Semiahmoo. Ken is looking for field trip leaders.      Website update – No update as of yet.  Jamie is working on it.      Climate group update- They will meet at the end of Feb. and are still moving ahead on tabling at the Farmer’s Market.      Bird class: February 22 and 23 at ReSources – This has all been arranged and Canaan Cowles will teach the class.      Feb. 15 presentation by Melanie Driscoll – Steve gave an update. People are encouraged to come and help out at the resource table.      Update on WWU scholarships – Nicole created a new poster and it has been sent to Don and she already has received an inquiry from a student.      Legislative updates from Jennifer Syrowitz – Sue wondered if everyone is receiving these updates from Audubon Washington. Everyone is getting the updates except Chris.  Sue will send the info to Chris for sign up.5. Old Business      Swan update – The swan is at the taxidermist and the taxidermist needs a payment to start. Sue will send payment.      Waiver form – Chris presented three different field trip and activity liability waiver forms.  The board gave suggestions for changes to the waiver forms and the education committee will revise forms and bring them to the next board meeting. We also decided to use the individual liability forms for more “risky” events or with children.  Chris gave two examples (City of Bellingham and Wild Whatcom) and we need to adopt a version of one of these at the next board meeting. Chris also presented information on background checks.  Sue will move ahead with establishing an account for getting background checks with the Washington State Patrol.        Membership software- Jamie is still checking on a platform to use.         Suggestion box for membership meetings – Ken is waiting for Pam to return to get hold of a nesting box.       Scholarships for WCC classes – Ken will follow up.       Holiday party credit – We can use the credit for next winter’s holiday party.6. New Business       Consider scholarships for high school seniors – This item will be considered at the next meeting when we find out who placed it on the agenda.      Bird friendly broadcast towers – Sue was interested in having an article in the newsletter and having a person take on the challenge of chasing down towers that should have lights changed to flashing lights. We will continue to discuss this and Sue will possibly work on an article. 7. Committee Reports as needed      Education Committee update -      Museum programs and other events for May- August with March 1 deadline for Museum Calendar – Nobody at the meeting had any suggestions for events. Pam will need to follow up.      April Birds and Brew event and other activities – The education committee described their concept for their Birds and Brew outing. They also showed us the concept poster for the event and their ideas for this coming year such as a Scudder Pond Walk.  They passed out their write-up of concepts for this coming year.  See handout.  We agreed to wait until summer 2018 for children’s summer camps.Upcoming Programs:February 15: Melanie Driscoll, Deepwater Horizon: Effects of the Oil Spill on Local People and WildlifeFeb 28: Steve and Martha Ellis: Loons of the Salish SeaMarch 28: Matt Christensen and Sarah Brookes, Friends of Semiahmoo Bay: Stewardship North of 49th ParallelApril 25: Jonathan White: Tides: Science and Spirit of the Ocean  May 23: Kathleen Bander: Bats          Adjourn - Next Meeting, March 6, 2017.  7-9 PM WECU Ed Ctr            311 Holly St, Bellingham, WA