December Board Minutes

North Cascades Audubon Society MinutesBoard of Directors Meeting1011 Gerard St.Dec. 4, 20177:00 PM Board Members Present: Pam Borso, Paul Woodcock, Steven Harper, Owen Bamford, Nicole Huson, Jamie Huson, Chris Brewer, Kelley Palmer-McGee, and Steve Irving 

  1. Additions to Agenda – Additions added as needed below
  2. Approval of November Minutes – Approved by board as amended with date changed for January presentation
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Steven discussed the treasurer’s report and it was approved.
  4. Committee Reports:

      Education Update – We have 3 new pairs of binoculars to try out at a total cost of about $300.  We continue to look at projectors and the laptop and will probably purchase by the end of the year.  The Whatcom Library System was really pleased with the programs presented by NCAS and we will present at the Skagit Bald Eagle Festival as well.  Pam and Chris are working on the Native Plants and Birds educational program to be presented at least 3 times in March in time for the Whatcom Conversation District plant sale.  Chris is working with Wild Whatcom on the Family CBC on Dec. 30, although they changed leadership and everything is delayed slightly.  Chris discussed possible funding for youth birding, possibly sending some youth to the Wings Over Water festival.  Nicole indicated that we have 28 -33 people that have responded to our volunteer survey and she will compile the data in time for the retreat in January.      Scholarship Committee – Owen has updated information on the website.  The next step is to reach out to Don Burgess in January. Owen e-mailed the persons receiving the scholarships last year to request a report on the research that the money was used for.      Website Update – Jamie will demo the new website template at the retreat.  No progress on Google Docs as our nonprofit status has not been acknowledged.      Board Building and Governance Report – The committee met and it was very productive, looking at the position descriptions and how they relate to the by-laws. The committee will continue to meet and perhaps provide information for the retreat.

  1. Communications & Input

     Museum holiday tree was decorated and looked great.     Pam asked about continuing the Sunday Audubon at the Museum events and the board agreed to continue. We should make the quarter-sheet information handouts on our presentations, etc. available at the Museum on the Sundays when we are present.     CBC – There was an update that everything is under control, all people placed so far, some new leaders, some people dropping out, and the Squalicum Yacht Club is arranged. Chris will see if we can get an article in the Herald regarding the 50th Anniversary of the CBC for Bellingham and the Family CBC. Jim Duemmel has written up a nice piece that can perhaps be used.  Terry Wahl should be acknowledged for all his efforts in starting the CBC and the other contributions he has made as an amateur ornithologist in the State of Washington.      Spiva Butte –  Steven talked with Ferdi, the gentleman that purchased the property. Steven will write an article for the newsletter about this purchase and the protection efforts that are continuing for Spiva Butte.      Newsletter input due by December 15 for the January newsletter.      Holiday Party – Everything is all set. Pam has food covered, Nicole is working on decorations and a request has been made to Ken to make sure the projector is ready.      Retreat is Jan. 8, 5-9 pm at the Improv Space.  Nicole will bring pizza and salads.  Committee chairs and members are asked to communicate with Pam regarding plans for the coming year and other items that should be discussed at the retreat.      Starting in Feb. the meeting will be at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship.      Sue would appreciate it greatly if 2017 invoices are submitted at the holiday party.  Of course any purchases after that can be submitted later.

  1. Old Business

      Swan Donation – Victoria at the Museum has promised that the swan will be in the display by the end of the year.  We will donate the remaining $60 to the Museum to defray costs.  When the swan is finally in the display we will place an article in our newsletter regarding the donation and the new display.      Advertising Update – All advertisers in the newsletter have committed. Valerie at the Wild Bird Chalet would like someone to discuss our relationship.  Nicole and Jamie volunteered to stop by to talk with her.      Presentation for the Museum Advocates Group – Paul would like to do this on January 18 even though he will be just back from Australia.  He knows the most about the cooperation between NCAS and the Museum in putting the exhibit together and knows most about the history.

  1. New Business

      Wings Over Water – It will be happening March 16-18. Paul will be attending but will be gone until Jan. 15, so someone else needs to put a call out for viewing station volunteers in the Feb. newsletter.       Donation – The board decided to make the following donations for 2017: Whatcom Humane Society $300, VARC $300, Sardis $200, Wild Whatcom $200, and Northwest Swan Conservation $200.       Huxley Environment Career and Internship Fair Thursday, 8 Feb 2018, 4:30-6:30 PM – Pam would like to consider whether it would be valuable for NCAS to have an intern.  Everyone should think about what we could do with an intern and whether we have enough projects or enough leadership to be able to guide an intern.  More discussion between now and the retreat.

  1. Programs & Events

     December 11 Doug Brown                         Birds of Belize     January 18      Paul Woodcock                   Whatcom Museum - Audubon presence (presentation for                                                                                                   Museum Advocates group)     January 23      James Walker                     Dragonflies and Damselflies     February 27    Dick McNeely                      Unusual Bird Videos     April 24            Dan Streiffert                    Arctic Wildlife Refuge Presentation Adjourn - Next Meeting: January 8, 2018, 5-9 retreat.  Improv Playworks 1011 Girard St, Bellingham, WA 98225