February Board Meeting Minutes

North Cascades Audubon SocietyBoard of Directors Meeting Minutes February 1, 2016 Present: Ken Salzman, Carol Roberts, Paul Woodcock, Pam Borso, Steven Harper, Sue Parrott, Owen Bamford, Steve Irving, Twink Coffman. Absent: Judy Kreiger, Kelly Palmer-McGee. Guests: Jamie and Nicole Huson. 

  • Approval of January Minutes – Approved by the Board


  • Treasurer’s Report –Sue explained the highlights of the January Treasurer’s Report.


  • Communications & Input

Cherry Point Survey Class – Wendy Steffenson is leaving ReSources and the new contact for the survey is Eleanor Hines. New counters are continuing to be trained.Syre Museum - A number of board members made presentations or were present during the time the museum was open in January.Whatcom Museum- The museum will conduct and pay for the background checks on any Audubon members wanting to work with children at the Museum.Other presentations - Ken presented at the Parkway Chateau and Adult Day Health in January and is scheduled to present at Summit Place in February. He will also be teaching a Community Ed. course on birdwatching and photography.Climate Change Work Group - The 15 people that signed up will be doodle polled and a meeting scheduled.Wings over Water – A number of people are volunteering as field trip leaders for the 3 days of the festival and Paul is looking for more viewing station volunteers.New Member Postcards - Owen will follow up with designing and sending out welcome postcards for new members.Scholarships - Paul will initiate the scholarship process with Don Burgess at WWU.WDFW Private Lands Initiative – Steven and Paul, along with Eric Carabba from Whatcom Land Trust, will meet with Cole Caldwell to give input regarding potential wildlife viewing stations on private lands. 

  • Old Business:

Ann has followed through and made the change to a new web service provider.Lois and George Garlick memorial – Paul presented his idea to provide funding to taxidermy a trumpeter swan for placement in the Syre Museum in their honor. Another idea is to do an annual award to a deserving person that exemplifies their spirit. Paul made a motion to allocate up to $1000 for the taxidermy of a trumpeter swan along with a plaque and to raise money for the effort in the community. Motion passed.Pam will be attending the Sound Waters 2016 conference in February.

  • New Business

Upper North Fork Sustainable Road Public Meetings – USFS needs help with setting up the meetings. Meetings are Feb. 8 in Kendall and Feb. 11 at Bellingham Public Library.Sue requested that a link be added to the website resource page to the Audubon Climate Report.Jamie and Nicole suggested using Twitter and Instagram to give more publicity to local chapter, state, and national Audubon efforts and volunteered to set up accounts. They will work with Twink.Syre Museum will again be open May 19 - June 4.

  • Upcoming Programs

February 23 - From the Andes to Antarctica: Exploring the Scotia Arc with Lynne Givler and Keith CarpenterMarch 22 - Understanding Shorebirds, the Miracle of Migration with Tim BoyerApril 26 - “The Salish Sea” Jewel of the Pacific Northwest with Joseph GaydosMay 24 - Shrinking Summits: The Impact of Climate Change and Wildfire on a High Elevation Flower in Western North America with Trevor Bloom  Adjourn - Next Meeting; March 7, 2016  7 PM WECU Ed Ctr311 Holly St, Bellingham, WA