General Membership Meeting with Tim Boyer

This month’s exciting membership meeting! March 22, 7pm at the Whatcom Museum, in the Rotunda Room of the Old City Hall building

** free & open to the public!**

Understanding Shorebirds, the Miracle of Migration. Join award-winning nature photographer Tim Boyer in exploring the epic trans-ocean migration of some of our shorebirds.  Eight of the 42 common shorebirds found in Washington will be discussed, including bar-tailed godwits, Pacific golden-plovers, sanderlings and other birds that cross the majority of the Pacific Ocean. We’ll look at where they migrate, why they migrate and how they are able to travel so far. These global migrants require global conservation and climate change solutions. In an effort to understand their remarkable journeys we need to look beyond the North American borders and see where shorebirds spend most of their lives.