March 2016 Board Minutes

North Cascades Audubon SocietyBoard of Directors Meeting MinutesMarch 7, 2016Present: Ken Salzman, Carol Roberts, Paul Woodcock, Pam Borso, Steven Harper, Sue Parrott, Rae Edwards, Kelley Palmer-McGee, Steve Irving, Twink Coffman, Jamie Huson, Judy Krieger and Nicole Huson 

  • Approval of February Minutes – Approved by the Board
  • Treasurer’s Report –Sue explained the highlights of the February Treasurer’s Report. Board agreed to send a thank you to a person contributing through Microsoft and their employee match program.
  • Communications & Input

Climate Change Work Group Report – Sue gave a report on the group which includes three members besides current board members. Sue is looking for input on how to get more members involved. Next Meeting is at Cordata Coop on March 21.Scholarships - Pam will follow up with Don Burgess on making sure the information gets out to prospective students.Wings over Water – A number of Audubon people including Ken and Steven are volunteering as field trip leaders for the Friday Reifel Bird Sanctuary Trip. There are also a large number of people volunteering as viewing station attendants on Saturday and Sunday, and Paul is leading field trips on Saturday and Sunday. Carol, Pam, Sue, Twink and Judy are also volunteering at the table or for other activities.WDFW Private Lands Initiative – Steven and Paul and Eric Carabba of Whatcom Land Trust (WLT) met with Craig Cole of Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) and discussed possible ideas for bird and wildlife viewing station locations. WDFW will be taking our ideas along with others to make decisions on possible sites in the future.Instagram and Twitter Report – Jamie has set up both Instagram and Twitter accounts with ncascadeaudubon as the name for both accounts.Conservation Initiatives – We are participating in opposing the proposed Export Pellet Plant at the Port of Bellingham. We signed on to a letter supporting edits to the Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest Sustainable Roads plan.

  • Old Business:

Lois and George Garlick Memorial – The museum is working on the paperwork for staging the trumpeter swan, and a good specimen is in the freezer. As soon as the paperwork is in place we will find a taxidermist and have it mounted. We will post info every month until we have money raised to pay for the work.

  • New Business

Expanded UGAs – Board approved opposing expanded Urban Growth Areas (UGAs) in the County Comprehensive Plan Update.Holiday Party – We will reserve Dec. 13 at the Lairmont Manor for our 2016 holiday partyNational Wildlife Federation(NWF) - Ken is wondering about Audubon being an affiliate or a chapter for NWF. Ken will contact the statewide contact person to get more information.Backyard Habitat and Native Flora Fair - May 21, 10am -3pm. We will have bird houses for sale and kits to construct for kids. Ken will make 5-10 kits for constructing the houses.Sustainable World Sourcebook- Pam will be getting a box of these books to give away to organizations, libraries, etc.Summit Place - Ken gave a presentation this month at Summit Place.Bird Surveys on WLT Properties – These will occur again this year with an expanded number of people involved.

  • Upcoming Programs

March 22 - Understanding Shorebirds, the Miracle of Migration with Tim BoyerApril 26 - “The Salish Sea” Jewel of the Pacific Northwest with Joseph GaydosMay 24 - Shrinking Summits: The Impact of Climate Change and Wildfire on a High Elevation Flower in Western North America with Trevor BloomAdjourn - Next Meeting; April 4, 2016  7 PM WECU Ed Ctr311 Holly St, Bellingham, WA