NCAS Board Minutes: February

North Cascades Audubon Society MinutesBoard of Directors Meeting1207 EllsworthFebruary 5, 20187:00 PM Board Members Present: Pam Borso, Paul Woodcock, Steven Harper, Sue Parrott, Rae Edwards, Owen Bamford, Nicole Huson, Jamie Huson, Chris Brewer, Kelley Palmer-McGee, Steve Irving  Guests Kirsten Anderson and Robert and Deborah Kaye were in attendance. The guests introduced themselves to the Board describing their past work and interest in being on the Board. Current Board members also introduced themselves. 

  1. Additions to Agenda – added below.
  2. Approval of January Minutes – approved as written.
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Sue explained some changes in categories in the working budget and asked for feedback from the Board. She will use the new categories and see how they work.


  1. Committee Reports as needed

Education update - Chris gave an update on the last committee meeting, including an update on the “Birds & Brew” event, Tech Soup (discounts for non-profits), sign-up and purchase of software, volunteer survey outreach results, and Native Plants and Birds programs.Native plants and birds educational program guide – Pam is working on this guide along with other materials to be distributed at select nurseries and at the educational programs this spring and in the future.Membership Committee update – Owen requested assistance and Jamie volunteered to assist in the new efforts to recruit new members and to increase donations to Audubon.Scholarship Committee update – Nicole met with Don Burgess, on sabbatical presently, and noted that he enjoys being the contact person and part of the grant process.  He works with students to help them improve their grant applications.   He suggested that the deadline be extended to May 15.  All of the materials will now be online, and the applications will be submitted online.Website update: Website review, membership software, Google Docs – Jamie continues to work on the new website.Nominating Committee – Steven, Paul and Owen volunteered to be on the nominating committee.Board Building and Governance – Nicole went through the main findings of the group that met to review the job descriptions of the different Board positions. The committee will meet again to fine tune and clarify all of the responsibilities for each position and to talk about Board structure in light of goals for this year and changes in Board composition.  Nicole will send out a doodle poll.

  1. Communications & Input

Board Resignations – Pam will write a thank you to the members that have resigned (Twink Coffman and Ken Salzman).Newsletter input due February 15 for March. Sue suggested that we include more educational articles rather than Board minutes in the newsletter.  The Board agreed to do that but also to continue to provide a summarized version of the minutes along with yearly accomplishments in the newsletter.  Kelley requested that Board members send her articles of interest to help fill the newsletter.4th Sundays at the Whatcom Museum - February 25(Steve Irving), March 25(Jamie and Nicole), April 22(Sue), May 27(Paul).  Sue will make sure there are NCAS brochures and Climate Ambassador cards at the museum.Provide bird feeding and seed type recommendation brochures to Wild Bird Chalet – Jamie will follow up. 

  1. Old Business

Meeting space determination for Board meetings -   The Board has shown a preference for the BUF space and we will plan on meeting at BUF in the future.  The cost will be $40 per meeting.Duck sign for City of Bellingham – The cost of the structural frame is approximately $700. Possible sites include Whatcom Falls Park Derby Pond, Bloedel Donovan Park, Lake Padden, and North Ridge Pond.  The Board agreed to fund one structural frame at Derby Pond and request that the City fund the sign to fit in the frame. Rae will lead the effort and coordinate with the City and others. Money will need to be added to the budget for this.  If this first sign is successful, the Board may consider fundraising with NCAS membership for more signs at other locations.  The Board emphasized that the sign should be educational and include information on the detriments of feeding ducks bread.Membership Meeting Structure – Discuss laterFarmer’s Market – Discuss laterHoliday Potluck – Tentatively scheduled for Monday, Dec. 10 and we have requested the YWCA meeting room.Intern Fair at Huxley – We will not participate this spring but will discuss and consider for next fall.CBC – The Community Room at the Downtown Coop has been reserved for Dec. 16, 2018 for the CBC Potluck.     

  1. New Business

Volunteer Appreciation program; how to implement and apply. – Discuss laterVARC field trip for Board members – Board members are interested, and Pam will request a May date.Cornell/ Whatcom Land Trust/ NCAS Grant collaboration on Harrison property, Kendall - Board approved a $1,000 match to the grant proposal being submitted to Cornell Labs for educational programs at Harrison property.    

  1. Programs & Events

    February 27: Membership meeting - Dick Mc Neely: Bird VideosMarch 3: Native Plants and Birds; Blaine Library 2-3March 10: Native Plants and Birds: Sudden Valley Library 2-3Wings Over Water Festival Booth and Bird Watching Stations: 10-4March 24: Whatcom Conservation District Plant Sale; Plants and Birds table 10-1?March 24: Native Plants and Birds: Ferndale Library 2-3March 27: Membership meeting – Pam Borso and Rae Edwards: Landscaping for WildlifeApril 8: Family Bird Walk: Scudder Pond/Whatcom Falls 9:30April 14: Native Plants and Birds: Deming Library 3-4 April 17: Native Plants and Birds: Ferndale Garden Club 11:30-1:30April 24: Membership meeting - Dan Streiffert: Arctic National Wildlife RefugeApril 28: Backyard Habitat and Native Flora Fair/ WNPS Plant SaleMay 22: Membership meeting - Constance Sidles: Avian Evolution: How Birds Got to Be Birds        Adjourn - Next Meeting: March 5, 2018; 7 to 9 PM at BUF