October Minutes

Minutes of the NCAS Board MeetingOctober 6, 2014WECU Ed Center on Holly The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by President Pam Borso. Present: Pam, Paul Woodcock, Steven Harper, Judy Krieger, Rae Edwards, Ken Salzman, Carol Roberts, Owen Bamford, Kelley Palmer-McCarty. Absent: Steve Irving, Twink Coffman. Guest: Andy Ross.Andy Ross presented material to support the possible NCAS endorsement and/or support of the Environmental Caucus (E-Caucus) with the WRIA 1 planning unit (statement appended to Secretary’s copy of minutes).Secretary’s Report: minutes of the September meeting were approved as amended.Treasurer’s ReportCommunications and InputWe discussed the E-Caucus proposal. Pam entertained a motion to endorse the Environmental Caucus of the WRIA-1 Program. Ken proposed, Rae seconded a motion to endorse, the motion passed and we will revisit support at another time.Arbor Day: Pam was there as was Rae. They agreed it was a good day with good participation.Birding Workshop for Chums of Terrell Creek: Pam and Paul made a species list of birds of the Terrell Creek watershed. This is the Kelsey Unit of Whatcom Land Trust and WW area north of where Terrell Creek comes out of the lake, and will be surveyed once a month.Christmas Bird Count Maps: Paul and Tim Wahl are working on digitizing them. Tim will look for a volunteer but it may take money – up to $200-$300 to get the job done. Paul moved to approve up to $300.00 for these maps. Discussion followed. The motion passed unanimously.Pickford Event – Pelican Dreams: Steven reported that he, Paul, Pam and Judy and the Audubon Table were at the event. Good publicity and the association with the Pickford is excellent. A chickadee house was donated to the producer-presenter of the film.Scholarship Presentations: summaries of the projects will be presented to the Board in November and/or December.Website: Pam and Ken have posted on it. Ken is organizing the galleries. Rare birds and bird alert can be linked. We have had good feedback. Send the names of books for the site to Paul.Wings over Water is happy to have Audubon representation. Paul will take care of the viewing stations (4?). Volunteers for the stations are needed. Judy will get International Migratory Bird Day info to Paul and Ken as this would be a good association with W o W.Bird Surveys – Wendy wants to do training sessions. Ken, Paul, Pam, Judy will help. Paul has requested the protocol, it’s with Wendy. John Bower is the key person per protocol.Classes: Ken will be doing Birding 101 and Photo class at the Community College winter quarter. There was a short discussion of possible scholarship help.ACOW: Pam, Paul and Steven attended the meetings. There was a climate change focus. The Northwest Region – NCAS, Whidbey, Pilchuck and Skagit groups – will host next year. Bids are being solicited for the site.Announcements for the November/December newsletter should be emailed to Kelley by October 10 (15 latest).Potluck: Kelley will mail postcards right after Thanksgiving (text to be figured out).Treasure Hunt at Museum prizes will be awarded at the next member meeting. We decided to pick the winners ahead of time and announce the names at the meeting. There are about 75 tickets, 20 prizes.Wendy Steffensen wants about 5 minutes at the next member meeting to introduce the Survey meeting on October 22.New BusinessDean Kahn Herald proposal: The Herald will have a quarterly Whatcom Magazine in 2015. We have been asked if we’d like to participate by introducing 4 birds per year to non-birding people. Deadlines will be ends of December 2014, March, June and September 2015. Owen moved that we do this and prepare the text and pictures for the Whatcom magazine, Carol seconded, after some discussion (Pam and Judy volunteered to work on text) the motion passed.Jan 17 program possibilities include Mitch Friedman, Lee Furst on cleanup sites in Bellingham Bay or bluebird reintroduction (Paul has info on this.)The meeting was adjourned at 9:00.Next meeting will be November 3, WECU Ed Center, 7:00. Submitted byJudy Krieger