October Board Minutes

North Cascades Audubon SocietyBoard of Directors Meeting AgendaOctober 2, 2017, 7:00 PMBoard Members Present: Pam Borso, Paul Woodcock, Steven Harper, Sue Parrott, Ken Salzman, Rae Edwards, Owen Bamford, Nicole Huson, Jamie Huson, Chris Brewer, Judy Krieger and Kelley Palmer-McGee1. Additions to Agenda – No additions2. Approval of September Minutes - Approved3. Treasurer’s Report – Sue discussed the treasurer’s report.  She asked Pam when the annual report to National Audubon will be submitted, as we will not receive our dues from National until the report is filed.  She noted that membership dues are lower than budgeted.  The board discussed some of the problems/weaknesses with the current membership database.  Owen stated that he does not contact individuals who do not pay dues in response to their annual reminder as the database does not make it easy to do this.  However, he stated he could go back one year and find out which members are overdue and send them a reminder.  The board agreed this was worth doing.  The board discussed the logistics of our membership reminders and how we could expand our efforts.  Kelley will add some information to the newsletter to encourage people to donate and we will also begin reminding people of the importance of memberships at the monthly meetings.  Sue and Kelley will work on getting advertising income for the 2018 newsletters.  4. Committee Reports as needed:     Education Update – Background checks all came back negative so everyone is cleared to work with children.     - The committee is investigating doing a bald eagle program in late fall or early winter of 2018.  People interested in helping and with ideas should contact the committee.          - Nicole suggested sending out a survey to our membership to see if they are interested in volunteering and what their interests might be.  These people could then be assigned to different projects. Another option would be placing surveys on chairs at the membership meetings and gathering information. This effort could give us an idea of what our capacity as an organization may be. We can possibly recruit additional people for the board as well.  Nicole has access to an on-line survey used by another Audubon chapter and will make some changes to it to better reflect our organization’s needs.  The board thought it would be good to get the survey out this fall.     Scholarship Committee – The committee is meeting Wed., Oct. 4 at 5 pm to begin developing criteria for our student scholarships.     Website Update - No update but Jamie will work on this for next meeting.5.  Communications & Input       Audubon National Convention Report          - Jamie gave a report on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the threat of exploratory oil drilling.  The Trump Administration is trying to open up the Refuge by using the budget process. Jamie and Nicole believe NCAS should make an effort to get members to take action to protect this area.  Board agreed. The board also discussed other actions that members could participate in including actions protesting the potential mining near Mt. St. Helens.  Jamie will contact National Audubon to find out when the best timing would be to ask NCAS members to take action on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.          - Jamie discussed actions National Audubon is taking to fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund and to pass an extension of the expiration date for this fund.      WOS meeting update: Pam, Ken, Chris and Paul reported that the field trips went well, that the meeting was well organized and everyone was really friendly.      Newsletter input due by October 15 for the November newsletter.      Fall Migration with John Bower – Hopefully this can be arranged for next year.  Chris will try to contact John.6. Old Business      Swan Donation – No update.     CBC Update – Paul will again contact the Squalicum Yacht Club and make reservations for the after-count potluck. We will ask for donations to support the cost.  Doug Brown and Steven Harper will be in charge of the CBC as Paul will be out of the country.      Holiday Party – The event will be at the YWCA. Pam and Nicole will check out the space, size and shape of tables, etc. Pam will ask Ann, our hospitality person, if she would like to help out. Doug Brown will be doing the program and Pam Borso and friends will be providing music.      Audubon Council of Washington meeting – Pam, Paul, Chris, Nicole and Jamie will be attending. It will be in Sequim on October 14.      Update on Duck Feeding Signs – No update.8. Programs & Events    Audubon at the Museum - October 22 and November 26, 1:30 – 3:30                                                           October 24       Ed Deal Seattle’s Adaptable Urban Cooper’s Hawks                          November 28   Evelyn Brown Stuck in the Middle: The Ecology, Knowledge Gaps or Misunderstandings, and Issues Surrounding Forage Fish    December 11 Holiday Party at YWCA     Whatcom Museum - Audubon presence January 18, 2018 (presentation for Museum Advocates group)     January 24      James Walker Dragonflies and Damselflies     February 27    Dick McNeely     Unusual Bird Videos     April                 Dan Streiffert Arctic National Wildlife Refuge PresentationAdjourn - Next Meeting, November 6, 2017.  Improv Playworks: 1011 Girard St, Bellingham, WA 98225