September Board Minutes

North Cascades Audubon Society Minutes (Draft)Board of Directors Meeting1011 Gerard St.September 18, 20177:00 PM Board Members Present: Pam Borso, Paul Woodcock, Steven Harper, Sue Parrott, Ken Salzman, Rae Edwards, Owen Bamford, Nicole Huson, Jamie Huson, Steve Irving, Chris Brewer 

  1. Additions to Agenda – No additions
  2. Approval of August Minutes - Approved
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Sue discussed the treasurer’s report and clarified how various expenses are directed to some of the line items in the report.
  4. Committee Reports as needed:

     Climate group update: Sue suggests that we discuss tabling at the market at the retreat to determine if want to continue next year and if we want to change any of our focus.     Education update – See below     Scholarship Committee - Jamie is looking for people to be on the scholarship committee to determine criteria and select candidates for the scholarships.  The scholarships for WCC will be announced at the membership meeting this time in lieu of being in the WCC catalog. Ken and Nicole will work together to get the announcement in the next WCC catalog.     Website update - No update but Jamie will work on this for next meeting.

  1. Communications & Input

      Audubon National Convention Report - Starting in October, Jamie and Nicole will give us reports on different topics that were of interest at the National Audubon Convention.  Jamie described a group that National Audubon is partnering with called iMatter.  The focus is on youth, being mentored by adults, that work on issues such as climate change, or lobbying local governing bodies, etc.  Jamie wondered if this is a program we might be interested in participating in.  Perhaps we could present something at one of our membership meetings.      WOS meeting update – The meeting and field trips will occur the weekend of Sept. 22-24. Several board members are leading field trips.      Holiday Potluck - Pam has confirmed that the gathering will be Monday, Dec. 11. Steven will talk to Doug regarding doing a short slide presentation as part of the program.      2018 Pearrygin Lake Campout - May 31-June 3 is a go and the group camp at Pearrygin Lake State Park has been reserved.      Newsletter input due by October 15 for the November newsletter.

  1. Old Business

       Paul will do some checking on what is happening with the swan at the Whatcom Museum.  Sue suggested that the Museum publicize the arrival of the swan.  Paul will check on the plaque and whether they will let us provide one for the swan or insist on generating their own.       Chris will contact John Bower to ask about scheduling an evening listening session at his house during the migration.

  1. New Business

     Rae brought up an idea for “Do Not Feed The Ducks” signs at Lake Padden, North Ridge Pond, Whatcom Falls Derby Pond and Bloedel Donovan with pictures and acknowledgement of NCAS to give more credibility.  Rae will look into how much it will cost to sponsor the sign and to provide photos for the signs.     2018 Officers – Pam noted that people need to begin thinking about who should be the new president and vice-president of NCAS as neither Pam nor Paul can continue next year. (per NCAS bylaws)     Christmas Bird Count – Paul will be gone during this time and needs assistance.  Dec. 17 is the CBC.  Paul will talk to Doug and then recruit other volunteers.      ACOW – In Sequim, Oct. 13-15. Let Pam know if you want to go.

  1. Programs & Events

    Audubon at the Museum - September 24, October 22, November 26 at 1:30 – 3:30.    September 26 Glen “Alex” Alexander        Diking the Skagit River Delta                                                          October 24       Ed Deal                               Seattle’s Adaptable Urban Cooper’s Hawks                          November 28  Evelyn Brown                      Stuck in the Middle: The Ecology, Knowledge Gaps or Misunderstandings, and Issues Surrounding Forage Fish     December 11 Holiday Party at YWCA     January 24      James Walker                     Dragonflies and Damselflies?     February 27    Dick McNeely                      Unusual Bird Videos?     April                 Dan Streiffert                    Arctic Wildlife Refuge Presentation     Whatcom Museum - Audubon presence January 18, 2018 Presentation for Museum Advocates group Adjourn - Next Meeting, October 2, 2017.  Improv Playworks 1011 Girard St, Bellingham, Wa 98225 Education Report: Sept 2017 Education Program updates for fall 2017 are shown below.Whatcom County Birds Library Presentation Dates:October 7, 2-3 at DemingOctober 21, 2-3 at FerndaleNovember 4, 2-3 at South Whatcom (Sudden Valley) People interested in presenting this program in the future—see Chris. Will have presenter’s notes in the PowerPoint by October 21st.  The notes are designed for potential presenters to study and use when presenting to other groups. The Board is invited as ‘ambassadors’ and to be at materials table—signup sheet provided at meeting for helping out.Audubon Plants for Birds: Pacific Flyway 2017 slide program is also available—well done, excellent notes!Developed by Audubon, sent by Tod Winston, Program Manager of Plants for Birds, this program could be easily used to make an excellent presentation to support local native planting for birds. I would suggest this be kept in mind as an offering when NCAS is contacted about providing a program. Let Chris know if you want it to be emailed to you.Family Holiday Bird Count - Wild Whatcom has confirmed co-sponsoring and will be advertising this. Chris is registering approximately 30 people for the event. Chris and Holly Rogers will put together some identification activities for the first section of the event. May be looking for people to take out family groups of 6-8 on the trail at Padden. We will start 4 groups at different areas--one at tennis courts (go counterclockwise up trail till meeting the clockwise group), one at tennis courts going to dog park, a third at the dog park taking the lake trail clockwise, last one at dog park going on the high trail (dog area). Waterfowl can be counted first at each end by combined groups of two –one starting at the tennis courts and the other at the dog park which can first check for waterfowls by the gazebo. Ken, Chris, Holly Rogers (Wild Whatcom) will each take a group birding but we could use a couple more people to help with birding/recording. Also use help preparing/setting out and cleaning up the food at the clubhouse. A signup sheet was distributed at the board meeting for those interested.Wild Whatcom may be engaging us in special activities in the future. Co-sponsoring the Family Bird Count. Birds and Brews - Nicole and Jamie will wait till spring to do another program. 2018 Activities / EventsEducation Committee will be working on confirming programs in October and may include:

  • Spring break family bird walk
  • Spring break birding activity—rented facility for class/birding: backyard birding/bird nesting
  • Summer birding camp—two to three days using museum curriculum
  • Backyard birding booth at March family festival?
  • Provide a list on the website of ‘in-the-can’ programs we are available to share? We currently could provide Whatcom County Birds and Plants for Birds.